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Fight the Freedom Foundation



WHO: You, plus other working families from across Oregon and Washington

WHAT: Protest the extremist, anti-worker Freedom Foundation and their guest, Andy Pudzer, Carl Jr.'s CEO, Failed Secretary of Labor nominee, and alleged domestic abuser.

WHEN: Thursday, September 28th at 5:15 PM

WHERE: Portland Airport Sheraton, 8235 NE Airport Way, Portland OR

WHY: The Freedom Foundation is a billionaire-funded anti-worker group dedicated to de-funding public sector employees' unions and taking away the rights, retirement, and job security of working families. They lie and pretend they're on your side when their real agenda is to take away you ability to stand with your coworkers and bargain a fair deal with management. We need as many people as possible to stand with LiUNA Local 483 on the 28th to show them THERE IS NO ROOM FOR UNION BUSTERS IN OREGON!!


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